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Short & Long Term Kennels in Kendal

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Country Kennels

We have 14 kennels and are licensed for 24 dogs. We have 6 kennels designed for larger dogs which are bigger and have larger hatches to access the outside runs. Two of these kennels are huge and are perfect for extra large breed dogs or multi dog households. All kennels are heated.
Dogs are exercised 3 times a day either in small groups or individually depending on the dog. We care for each dog independently and tailor their stay to each individual.
We are fully licensed and have full insurance for peace of mind.

Dog Kennel Prices

One dog £21
Two dogs sharing £33
Three dogs sharing £40


We charge for the day your pet is dropped off but don’t charge on departure day if collected by 12pm.

Collection after 12pm will be charged at

One dog - £10

2/3 dogs sharing - £15

Collection on or after 5pm will be charged full price for that night. 

We are open for drop off and collection between:
8am and 12pm
4pm to 6pm

We have plenty of dog beds and bedding, feed bowls and toys, some people like to bring a few familiar things from home to help their dog settle which we're more than happy for you to do. We want your dog to feel happy and secure and are happy to fulfill any special requirements.

All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations against canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parvo virus. Also kennel cough vaccine is required. Vaccination books must be brought when arriving. Please note kennel cough is a separate nasal vaccine and not done as routine by your vet, you will need to ask for it to be done along side your yearly booster.

Any medications can be administered if required also.

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